Appareled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Appareled:

The ladies on the foundation of this order were appareled after their own pleasure and liking.

But so great was the sympathy between the gallants and the ladies, that every day they were appareled in the same livery.

He liked the “ponies” with the sunlight on their satin flanks, the music of the band, the gaily appareled women.

He was very plainly, even poorly clad, and looked a dark figure even amongst these soberly appareled gentry.

Then she directed that the others be made ready; richly and nobly she appareled them with great love.

He was faultlessly appareled—even to the long Prince Albert and black string tie—in which, indeed, report said, he slept.

No oriental prince could be more gorgeously appareled than these gay voyageurs.

And at this a youth appareled as a page took me in charge and led me to what I at once perceived to be an elevator.

Here I found forty young women, of such perfect beauty as imagination could not surpass; they were all most sumptuously appareled.

First of all was Columbus, richly appareled, with the banner of Spain in his hand.