Apparently [adverb]

Definition of Apparently:


Opposite/Antonyms of Apparently:

Sentence/Example of Apparently:

The position apparently reports to acting head of NOAA Neil Jacobs, although the circumstances of the hire are unknown.

In Applehood and Mother Pie, a cookbook curated by the Junior League of Rochester, New York, you’ll find Grandmother’s Old Fashioned Boston Brown Bread, which is apparently a “great way to use up sour milk!”

In a Sacramento Bee column, Gil Duran writes that Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, a Rendon ally, “apparently worked behind the scenes to undermine a key part of Wicks’ story” despite praising Wicks publicly.

The top-secret Honda skunkworks basically took one of the best Hondas ever devised for street use and made it apparently uncomfortable and less affordable than the bike that already existed.

“We apparently have located the sixth council circle and the only one that has not been disturbed,” says anthropological archaeologist Donald Blakeslee of Wichita State University.

Because apparently some of these people drink beer and eat popcorn and can’t do that with a mask.

The bill, due to be proposed Wednesday, would apparently also allow Northern Ireland businesses to avoid filing export paperwork when sending goods to the British mainland.

So apparently Golden Rule hadn’t fought for a better deal and had paid more than two grand for a quick, walk-in visit for a test.

NBC 7 broke big news Thursday after being apparently the first reporters to see the report of an independent investigation into the city’s purchase of 101 Ash Street.

We were now masters of the whole country, and the war was apparently at an end.