Apparition [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Apparition:

Terrified with this apparition, he consulted several friends, who advised him to take the advice.

This apparition lasted some eight minutes, and as soon as it disappeared another came of the same form, direction and appearance.

The lions stopped also, being evidently taken by surprise at the sudden and unexpected apparition of a man!

Yet, the harder I stared the clearer appeared the amazing and monstrous apparition.

Humanity shut its eyes in view of the hideous apparition of wan and haggard beggary and crime.

This apparition made its appearance in the dark evenings in the churchyard, and in several avenues about the place.

This is the apparition of one Tom Straitshank, drawn, as you will see, by your humble servant.

The two youngsters stayed dumb with amazement before what they considered to be an apparition.

Sivert Jespersen begged her to read the account of the apparition, if that happened to be the book of which she spoke.

One is reminded of the apparition said to have been witnessed above Vallambrosa early in the fourteenth century.