Apparitional [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Apparitional:

The form that was Jesse Fancher, the body that was his, being matter and apparitional, like an apparition passed and was not.

The long darks, the growings of nebulous lights, and the fluttering apparitional selves that dawned through the growing light!

The central thought of Plato is the theory of ideas—the assertion of the apparitional character of the seemingly real world.

She had come so swiftly, with a silence so apparitional, that he fell back as from a blow between the eyes.

She was a slave to hideous rites, gazing at the apparitional snake.

Viola came to us out of the primeval woods with an effect of apparitional beauty.

In such ethereal apparitional dawns one walks with the Eternal, and all temporal things fade away.

To look back at all is to meet the apparitional and to find in its ghostly face the silent stare of an appeal.

The marines, with an annoyed air, were settling down again when an apparitional figure came from the bushes.

And through a marvellous antithesis the matter in it seemed to be something apparitional, and the spirit something material.