Apparitions [noun]

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It appears to be the opinion of the advocates of apparitions that naughty ghosts have cold hands.

But this is not the only "unlucky dog" that has been terrified by apparitions; several instances are given in different works.

In such a state, no doubt the poor creatures imagine that they see apparitions.

In these various stories are seen spontaneous apparitions and appearances which were provoked, so to speak, by the will.

But in spite of this appeal and of a pact signed with the blood of the writer, no Satanic apparitions were forthcoming.

At Poinstown in the county of Tepperary were seen divers strange and prodigious apparitions.

Strange apparitions were seen at midnight, some of them hovering in the air, and others of them lurking about the palace court.

The horses merely jumped at the unexpected apparitions, then kept plodding up the hill.

Mr. Taverner asked the spectre rider number three (for in reality the three riders were apparitions) why he appeared to him.

Some of the chiefs were very inquisitive about what was to be done with the surgeon's cabin on account of apparitions.