Appealed [verb]

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A great-granddaughter of Fragonard, she seems to have inherited his talent; Corot and Renoir forcibly appealed to her.

Both had appealed to Napoleon; consequently there was a decent pretext for sending a French army into Spain.

The lower class were idle and lazy, and willing to serve any sovereign who appealed to them by ostentation.

Still, the Prince foresaw the future, and appealed to the Emperor himself, but the Emperor was obdurate.

When the time for open action arrived, Bruce appealed to his father's men of Annandale.

But the levy could not be collected till Michaelmas, and meantime the King appealed for an advance.

Tim looked at his mother and then at Eloise, whose pitiful face appealed to him strongly.

Before this Mr. Chittenden had not thought of marriage, but now the helplessness of the girl appealed to him.

In other respects—never having been appealed to by love—it was as hard as a small millstone.

The Tories, with Seymour at their head, appealed both to the good faith and to the compassion of Parliament.