Appealingly [adverb]

Definition of Appealingly:

in an attractive or pleasing manner

Opposite/Antonyms of Appealingly:


Sentence/Example of Appealingly:

While the show’s cast of humans, aliens, and even droids may find his physical features appealing, his charm is just as much a product of his actions.

The series’ enduring genius stems from how beautifully its creator, Charles Schulz, managed to write a strip so broadly appealing.

Master & Dynamic was founded in 2013 in New York City by Jonathan Levine and Vicki Gross after Levine’s son experienced difficulty finding appealing headphones.

She holds a doctorate in British literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and has an appealing narrative voice.

Disease-acquired herd immunity may be an appealing option to borrow from animal health because it would allow the majority of people to return to work and school while waiting for a vaccine.

Broader market changes have also made EVs generally more appealing to investors.

Renting canoes is easy enough in many backcountry canoeing destinations, but if you live near appealing waterways or plan to take semi-regular trips, it makes sense to purchase your own.

An olive branch, but only likely to seem appealing to you if you’re in the aforementioned “ethics-schmethics” classification.

And, in an environment where air travel has been effectively closed off, even the mundane aspects of flying may be more appealing.

That seemed to some justices an appealing way to get rid of the case.