Appeals [noun]

Definition of Appeals:

request for help

Synonyms of Appeals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appeals:

Sentence/Example of Appeals:

Even Judy's appeals to "try and remember about Bombay" failed to quicken him.

Next is a higher court in which suits for all larger matters are begun and tried, as well as appeals from the lower court.

An appeal lies from its decision to the court of appeals consisting of three judges.

This key desk is of the well-known Hope-Jones type, which appeals so strongly to most organists.

The glamour of war appeals strongly to most men, to some it calls with irresistible demand.

The Arthurian problem is one which appeals not only to the literary critic but also to the historian.

They, possessed of different characteristic attributes, alike recognise its appeals.

All appeals must be taken from the patent office within a year, or a shorter period, if one has been fixed in a decision.

I think that sort of thing appeals especially to me because my own design isn't in the least esoteric.

Here the inspector cut short these appeals which were rending every heart present.