Appearances [noun]

Definition of Appearances:

coming into sight

Synonyms of Appearances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appearances:

Sentence/Example of Appearances:

It was a tremendous training in the sifting of evidence and the examination of appearances.

The impulse to study appearances appears to reach far down in animal life.

The circle around did not exactly contradict him, but exhibited expressive appearances of incredulity.

The keen-eyed man had a keen appetite, if one might judge from appearances in such a matter.

On the 3d day these appearances were still increasing and their arms itched considerably.

To all appearances, the green-eyed lady was not at home—not unless those catlike eyes of hers were capable of seeing in the dark.

To all outward appearances we must have appeared to be the same old team, but there was a difference.

Instantly every nerve of Mark's body became alert, but to all appearances he was totally unsuspicious.

There is one important fact, however, connected with the question of spiritual appearances, which is worthy of some consideration.

But he was too careful a man to accept first appearances, and brought the microscope to bear.