Appeased [verb]

Definition of Appeased:

satisfy, pacify

Synonyms of Appeased:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appeased:

Sentence/Example of Appeased:

“If you just feed this beast in an effort to appease it, it just gets stronger and bolder until it comes after the very people who are trying to appease it,” he added.

Advocates from the Environmental Health Coalition were not appeased by what they said were weak commitments by Mitsubishi to incorporate just one zero-emission truck into their fleet.

Maybe they were trying to appease a certain portion of their base, you know, who was behind that idea, but people want clarity.

Washington’s top priority had become appeasing Beal, who can become a free agent in 2022, and building a winner around him.

You’re not going to appease everybody every time no matter what you do.

And he stood up in the shameful fall of the people: in the goodness and readiness of his soul he appeased God for Israel.

Over this we toasted bits of meat on the end of a splinter, and presently our hunger was appeased.

Thereupon the generals hastened round the town to procure funds, and appeased the Visayos with a distribution of 1,800 pesos.

Alexander was appeased, and they remained subject to Alexander and to his successors.

He was bitter about the slaying of his brothers, Gareth and Gaheris, and would not be appeased.