Appeases [verb]

Definition of Appeases:

satisfy, pacify

Synonyms of Appeases:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appeases:

Sentence/Example of Appeases:

Where are we told that an angry man stirs up strife, while one who is slow to anger appeases it?

She has been sick several days, and nothing appeases her wrath if I neglect to say good night to her.

Paris is vanquished, but is brought back safe to Ilium by Venus, who appeases the anger of Helen.

In this manner a man by keeping down his anger appeases his enemies, but doing otherwise he will inflame them.

They have the simplicity of childhood; a trifle irritates them, a trifle appeases them; they are grateful and affectionate.

He showed a predilection for milk which appeases thirst and hunger at one and the same time.

But Moy intercedes for his white guests and appeases the angry natives.

Carino surprises them bidding farewell, but Elisa appeases his jealousy.

The sanguine fluid which courses in our veins is the only thing that appeases him.

At last Zeus appeases her by allowing her daughter to spend two-thirds of the year with her in the upper world.