Appendage [noun]

Definition of Appendage:

limb; accessory

Synonyms of Appendage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appendage:

Sentence/Example of Appendage:

The smells are picked up by the palps, those long sensory appendages around the mouth.

The appendage, magnified 40 times, was photographed in layers with a laser to reconstruct the tongue in three dimensions.

When the subjects moved their arms, a robotic appendage behind them simultaneously touched their backs in the same fashion.

Underneath all those aerodynamic appendages, the mechanical bits have been similarly stimulated, taking friction out here and quickening response times there.

Like a scene out of a sci-fi movie, cells invaded by the coronavirus can sprout probing appendages bedecked with viral bits.

Consequently, this draws blood away from appendages like fingers, toes and, in males, the penis.

Their dresses were made as in England; but the pattern of the cloth, or some appendage to it, was different.

Scarcely had we reached our first stage (about seven miles), before every appendage of a metropolitan city had disappeared.

Thus, even the discovery which made chemistry a science, has attached to it in their award this feeble appendage.

The Celtic Church had sunk into being a mere appendage of the wild tribes it had once tried to tame.