Appendages [noun]

Definition of Appendages:

limb; accessory

Synonyms of Appendages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appendages:

Sentence/Example of Appendages:

Those medium-sized ones, made of wood and hooped like casks, cost from 80 pounds to 100 pounds apiece without appendages.

It was undoubtedly a puzzle, but it had appendages to it that I did not understand.

I see no wings, horns, tails, or other appendages that we have not.

One of them peered within at the recumbent body of the weird-looking individual with the four appendages.

At the end of the thirteenth century appear those curious appendages known as Ailettes.

The effect is instantaneous: total inertia, except of the appendages of the head, the antennae and mouth-parts.

Hampered by his lengthy appendages, he is perpetually letting himself be caught, and disdaining what will be thought of it.

He hardly dared look the animals who had those appendages in the face; how they must have despised him!

Our début was made upon the stage, which we examined in its various parts and appendages while the ballet practice was proceeding.

They are furnished with two or three very long, jointed, threadlike caudal appendages.