Appended [verb]

Definition of Appended:

add, join

Synonyms of Appended:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appended:

Sentence/Example of Appended:

Instead of removing most false videos outright, the company has more often reduced their spread in automated recommendations and appended disclaimer labels and “information panels” beneath the videos with links to reputable sources.

The result of this stock-taking shows that eleven volumes were unaccounted-for, a list of which is appended.

A simple contract may be verbal or it may be in writing, but no seal is appended to the signatures of the parties.

This genus appears to be nearly allied to the Agamae, but differs from them in the peculiar frill that is appended to the neck.

Appended to this little volume is a list of remarkable dates and events, as also of battles and treaties during the Middle Ages.

He appended a theory, which has its germ of truth, but defies definition, and is easily twisted to save a special argument.

There is an error in the heading of one of the architectural notes appended to the Proceedings of the Arch.

"He's a mystery to me," Mrs. Hetty Hills always appended after a mention of him.

But the end was a little minuet which Venture had taught me; I had appended it to my symphony, calling it my own work.

There were appended to the paper, from which the above extract is taken, the names of fourteen Lonins, or bravos.