Appendices [noun]

Definition of Appendices:

added material at end of document

Synonyms of Appendices:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appendices:

Sentence/Example of Appendices:

As a supplement to the last, he published four appendices, each considerably larger than the original essay.

Ethnographic Appendices, being the data upon which the caste chapter of the report is based.

Récit de Voyage avec notes et appendices sur les gens et les choses.

It has two appendices, concerning divination and fascination; these have rather vapoured forth fables than kindled truth.

I give the following explanation concerning these appendices.

The text follows the best modern editions, the deviations from the standard texts being briefly recorded in critical appendices.

It is a dignified letter, which will be found in one of Dr. Knapp's appendices—so presumably Borrow made two copies of it.

It is essential to read carefully the appendices to this work, especially that concerned with the minor keys.

I leave to the editor's judgment whether to interpolate these facts in the text, or as notes, or under appendices.

On the contrary, in this latest work, Vreede's "Catalogue," we find frequent quotations from Raffles' appendices.