Appendixes [noun]

Definition of Appendixes:

added material at end of document

Synonyms of Appendixes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appendixes:

Sentence/Example of Appendixes:

Jones missed all but one game in the 1953-1954 season because of a ruptured appendix.

Much of that data was included in the appendix to the report.

An appendix published years later clarifying those federal rules, which more cleanly describe mobility challenges, states mental illnesses are not considered a disability under the federal transit rules.

The neighborhood updated its community plan in 2018 and devoted a whole appendix on planning for sea level rise.

When he was 12, his appendix burst and he underwent emergency surgery, followed by a desperate eight-hour ambulance ride to another hospital in search of better medication to stop the bleeding.

I shall then give an account of my various excursions in an Appendix, and afterwards resume the thread of my journal.

The geological character of this rock is more fully treated upon in the Appendix by my friend Dr. Fitton.

See Appendix I for the exact facts which were not known to me until long afterwards.

Mr. Brae, in the Appendix to his edition of Chaucer's Astrolabe (p. 101), has a long note on the present passage.

The table as prepared is set out in Appendix A to this report.