Apperceiving [verb]

Definition of Apperceiving:

understand information

Opposite/Antonyms of Apperceiving:

Sentence/Example of Apperceiving:

Spirits say they know such by their coldness, and that when they apperceive the cold they depart from them.

In this manner we accept the forms imposed upon us by utility, and train ourselves to apperceive their potential beauty.

Then the queen departed into her chamber so that no man should apperceive her great sorrows.

The housewife may apperceive old rags as something to be thrown away; a ragpicker, as something to be gathered up.

From my perception, then, of hoof or sound I apperceive cow.

On the contrary, they apperceive every experience and assign it to its place.

It was given me also to apperceive the character of their internal respiration.