Apperceptions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Apperceptions:

When we consider a perception as a case of "apperception," the same thing holds good.

There were, however, no transversal or direct communications from one apperception center to the next.

Would there be anybody else in this vast apperception area who worked for the prevention of war?

The flow of observations processed by The Brain and pouring back to Apperception 36 via teletype and visual screen was prodigious.

Confronted with the realities, however, he discovered the tremendous difference between "hear say" and full sensual apperception.

My own investigation shows that there is no corresponding expansion of the apperception centers and Gus has confirmed this.

All along elevator-row small groups of bookish-looking men returned from their day's work in the Apperception Centers.

My fault—blind spot of apperception—human failure in engineering—as fifth columns entered nerve path filler spouts.

On hearing this they were silent, because, by an apperception then given them, they acknowledged that the case was so.

In apperception, then, we construct from the known actually perceived by the senses, the unknown.