Apperceptive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Apperceptive:

Perfect freedom can not be developed in a soul filled with the apperceptive experiences of tyranny.

Dickens emphasized the fact that the lack of apperceptive centres of an improper kind is a great advantage.

He had no apperceptive centres in his experience or his training to which your kind of religious teaching was related.

In all the apperceptive operations of the mind, a certain general law makes itself felt,—the law of economy.

Somehow "apperceptive masses" are stirred that will assist in getting hold of the new subject.

The beauty of landscape, the forms of religion and science, the types of human nature itself, are due to this apperceptive gift.

The mechanical organization of external nature is thus the source of apperceptive forms in the mind.

Organized nature the source of apperceptive forms; example of sculpture.

The wide plain, the river hurrying between green banks—no apperceptive background fails thus far in the picture.

If you can do this you will arrive at an understanding of apperceptive background through its elimination.