Appertains [verb]

Definition of Appertains:

belong, be connected

Synonyms of Appertains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appertains:


Sentence/Example of Appertains:

Maps exhibiting changes in physical geography appertain to the geologist as well as to the geographer.

On subjects which did not absolutely appertain to the dinner, she perhaps was the greatest talker; but even she did not say much.

But his dignity was annexed to his office, and did appertain to all that ever should be archbishops of Glasgow.

They were singular motions of the Spirit of God, and appertain nothing to this our age.

They appertain to cells not yet differentiated, to the unicellular organisms which occupy the first stages of life.

By God's law the teinds do not appertain of necessity to the Kirk-men.

It does not, therefore, appertain to harmony to take the lead of the things of which it is composed, but to follow them.

The footman there must appertain to Mrs. Carbuncle, whereas the coachman would as necessarily be one of Lizzie's retainers.

These are the chief appearances of the early part of this month which appertain exclusively to the Spring.

To determine and to distribute appertain to superiority and command; as it does to subjection to accept.