Appetency [noun]

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Appetency, ap′pet-ens-i, n. a seeking after: craving or appetite: desire, especially sensual desire—also Ap′petence.

We shall adopt the word "Appetency" to designate the Mentation in plant-life.

The doctrine of appetency attributed to Lamarck is without foundation.

If the word veut has suggested the doctrine of appetency in meaning has been pushed too far by the critics of Lamarck.

Such appetency or bare consciousness is the essential or substantial state of that which appears as physical nature.

Here he yields nothing, as he owes nothing, to that appetency which binds him to the natural world.

Many young animals evidence little or nothing more than "Appetency" in suckling.

It is from the combination and the workings of these wonderful powers that appetency, desires, aversions, and volition arise.

He says that tædium vitæ as in the case of Hamlet is due to ‘unchecked appetency of the ideal.’

The church of Durham, he said, was the great object of their appetency.