Appetizer [noun]

Definition of Appetizer:

snack before meal

Synonyms of Appetizer:

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Sentence/Example of Appetizer:

Subtle and delicious, this wine is great by itself, but it also benefits from lighter seafood dishes or salty appetizers.

My initial inclination, partly to support struggling dining establishments, was to suggest she and like-minded customers opt instead for a light appetizer or two.

Embrace appetizersAt home, we usually reserve appetizers for holidays, but having a li’l somethin’ before the main meal is an easy way to upgrade any weeknight dinner.

The appetizers run good-to-great, but when I think about going back, it’s for charred cabbage layered with shaved pineapple.

Here, that swoon-worthy oreganata topping graduates from appetizer to main course as the highlight of a quick sheet-pan dinner.

"No, that would only serve as an appetizer," answered David.

Having worked all day and perhaps having walked home, the Parisian saves a half hour before dinner for his appetizer.

As an appetizer the toasted cheese on toasted bread was excellent, but the supper—if she had only let him get it.

In fact, no better appetizer to serve at the beginning of a meal can be found.

They are served either hot or cold as an appetizer or as a first course for lunch or dinner.