Appetizers [noun]

Definition of Appetizers:

snack before meal

Synonyms of Appetizers:

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Sentence/Example of Appetizers:

There were stronger liquors, too, though these were chiefly used as appetizers before dinner.

He was a servant dealing out "appetizers," and this was an American joke.

In the first class are grouped those which serve as appetizers, such as bouillon, consommé, and some other broths and clear soups.

Included in this section also are fruit cocktails, those refreshing appetizers often used to introduce a special meal.

Besides being refreshing appetizers, they afford a hostess an opportunity to carry out a certain color scheme in a meal.

Such pickles meet with favor and serve very well as appetizers.

These take on a beautiful color and excellent flavor and are grand as appetizers served with crisp hearts of celery.

Hunger is the king of appetizers, and food cooked in the open has a flavor of its own which no aproned chef can duplicate.

The former are simply appetizers, usually of the bitters class, and are taken before meals.

These are a mixture of the bivalve with Tabasco sauce and vinegar, and they are said to be excellent appetizers.