Applauded [verb]

Definition of Applauded:

clap for; express approval

Synonyms of Applauded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Applauded:

Sentence/Example of Applauded:

As Diotti ceased playing, Sanders applauded vociferously, and moving toward the violinist, said: Magnificent!

The public remained cool during the performance of the work, and applauded very moderately after each movement.

Mr. O'Connell applauded the conduct of the members, of the committee: he would take this stand on their report.

Walpole speaks of it as "exceedingly applauded," though "Charles Fox says" it "is execrable."

This scheme was loudly applauded by all classes of society; and the subject was referred to a committee of the house of commons.

Greatly was this speaking applauded by the peasants, & they shouted that everything must be according unto the words of Skeggi.

He had been listened to in the Legislative Assembly, applauded; he was a man of mark in the Convention.

We find in the Old Testament that the regicide is applauded; that treason and rebellion are approved.

Although he had done things which had been applauded by his friends, he had nothing much to show in the way of lasting results.

Colonel Barré even applauded the good temper with which the subject had been discussed, and refused to make any opposition.