Applauds [verb]

Definition of Applauds:

clap for; express approval

Synonyms of Applauds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Applauds:

Sentence/Example of Applauds:

John Carlo, a Dallas physician who specializes in public health, applauded the new study for highlighting the importance of the density of crowds in indoor venues such as grocery stores.

Bice applauded the recruiting efforts by organizations bolstering GOP women.

Stocks soared Thursday as investors applauded signs that power in Washington could be divided between a Democratic president and a Republican Senate determined to block his most ambitious proposals.

If you shut down Facebook tomorrow, which I think a lot of people would applaud, it wouldn’t solve the problem.

Not only do I respect but I applaud the awareness that’s come into not just society but especially in sports.

Wang applauds the study’s approach and desire to look at the longterm impacts of media multitasking, rather than the immediate ones.

When Westlake stepped down under pressure from party leaders, Fansler even applauded the resignation as a necessary signal to survivors.

One aperture stop isn’t a huge upgrade, but I applaud Apple for continuing to develop its hardware instead of just relying on new software.

I applaud them for living their best life and telling their truth but I just never felt like mine was necessarily a story that needed to be told.

We treated those we could, applauding for them when they were discharged.