Appliance [noun]

Definition of Appliance:

machine, usually with domestic purpose

Synonyms of Appliance:

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Sentence/Example of Appliance:

It’s another way of describing the “smart home,” in which household appliances and home entertainment equipment are wirelessly tethered together via the Internet.

Before the pandemic, a three-bedroom, two-bath, kitchen with upgraded appliances, and a comfy living room was enough for homebuyers to sign their name on the dotted line.

In general, home warranties cover heating, central air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, and appliances.

If you think you can’t fit everything you want into a kitchen, you should know that good things, like kitchen appliances, come in small packages.

They built a split-level, ranch-style American house, its kitchen stocked with food and the latest labor-saving appliances.

The purpose of this appliance is to provide a horizontal shaft upon which pulleys or driving gears may be mounted.

Next, one of the bears was led forth to walk on the tight rope, this appliance really being a long narrow plank.

"Every appliance for making a good thing of it," said Mr. Burnet.

In these frenzies she would answer no appliance and obey no other mechanical law than the law of gravitation.

Nine withes of witch hazel, banded together, is used as a rustic appliance to guard against witching influence.