Appliances [noun]

Definition of Appliances:

machine, usually with domestic purpose

Synonyms of Appliances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appliances:


Sentence/Example of Appliances:

It was difficult, with the mean appliances of the time, to wring subsistence from the reluctant earth.

The chief drawback is the want of knowledge and appliances for the proper curing of the leaf.

There was nothing added to the enjoyment of his life by the luxurious appliances which wealth can command.

This stately coquette did not choose to be seen in the midst of medical appliances and without the splendors of apparel.

It is unnecessary to go into the long and detailed list of the medical appliances which were required.

Besides this—for in poverty of appliances so complete everything counts for a little—he had his jack-knife in his pocket.

All boats and other life-saving appliances are to be kept ready for use to the satisfaction of the board of trade.

That the board of trade inspection of boats and life-saving appliances should be of a more searching character than hitherto.

The girls never attempted to cook anything, there being no civilised appliances of any kind.

They were all rather bare, exquisitely clean and airy, full of the most recent improvements as regarded educational appliances.