Applicability [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Applicability:

The league informed teams in a memo from Commissioner Roger Goodell that, beginning Saturday, it is implementing additional measures by making its intensive protocols applicable to all teams at all times.

Anyone who wishes to vote before Election Day must now vote in person at the voter registration office or, if applicable, a satellite office.

In a blog post, Microsoft says it believes it is complying with all applicable laws.

This is not really applicable for people who want to vote by mail, and a same-day system does require more resources, as states need even more clerks or poll workers to help with the process.

There’s no one approach that will be applicable to all people or all uses.

There are different kinds of campaigns for which audience targeting is applicable.

Request a Quote is free to claimed profiles and is turned on by default in applicable categories.

As it stands, those clubs get 70% of the subscriptions minus applicable taxes and fees.

So both tools can and do show different issues that are more applicable to those search engines.

Whether it’s applicable to oil or other natural resources, I can’t say.