Applicable [adjective]

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It is especially useful with cultures upon serum media, but is applicable also to the sputum.

A decision may be modified or set aside when it is regarded as no longer applicable to the present condition of things.

These contrivances are applicable only to such organs as have the balanced swell pedal.

For more accurate work the following methods, applicable to either human or cow's milk, are simple and satisfactory.

Missionary Societies connected with given churches are not exposed to the same kind of objection as that applicable to the others.

The description given of him is not applicable to any earthly ruler of the house of Jacob.

The estates of such men would soon have been considered as a fund applicable to the public service.

This view is applicable, though less manifestly, also to Cupressinae; and might even be extended to Podocarpus and Dacrydium.

This description of the Catacombs in the fourth century is equally applicable to their general appearance in the nineteenth.

Hence, terms strictly applicable only to the government of the one, are metaphorically applied to the control of the other.