Applicant [noun]

Definition of Applicant:

person trying for position

Synonyms of Applicant:

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Sentence/Example of Applicant:

The unhappy applicant was naturally obliged to temporarily retire from the game, at all events for that night.

When these things are done, the certificate of entry is delivered to the applicant and the entry is made.

The reduction to practice must be by the applicant for a patent, or by his agent; to do this by a third party will not suffice.

Anne was in the hall when he entered, talking to a poor applicant who was waiting to see the Rector.

They assume the non-responsibility of the community for anything beyond keeping the destitute applicant alive.

Yet great care had to be exercised in the selection of his men, and not every applicant was received.

The Vicomte received me so graciously that he and not I might have been the applicant for a situation.

As fast as I could take them from the basket, I handed three to each eager applicant, until all were speedily disposed of.

Then the books of the office are irregularly kept, and closed to the applicant, so that you have no chance to select for yourself.

Forms for bidding are furnished to the original applicant and others who signify their intention to bid.