Applicants [noun]

Definition of Applicants:

person trying for position

Synonyms of Applicants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Applicants:



Sentence/Example of Applicants:

In the third Act we return to Mabel's flat and resume her interviews with the applicants for her hand.

Instead of confining their action to actual applicants for help, they had to search out cases of nuisance or dangerous disease.

In the outer offices a line of anxious applicants was being disposed of by his trained assistants.

No violent solution was needed, as several applicants came forward when Nelson's wish was known.

Before the day of opening we had thirty-two insistent applicants and wanted very much to receive them all.

We found the number of applicants increasing and a new willingness to pay, in part at least, for the education.

And, being applicants, of course some of them had been wrong.

Surely, among the thousands of applicants I'd interviewed, there must have been a number of them.

But of course there were other applicants, and who was to speak for him?

A set of benches facing those of the applicants had stood thus far empty.