Applications [noun]

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The doctrine of international free trade, albeit the most conspicuous of its applications, was but one case under the general law.

This process admits usually of several applications in‌ the case of a long sentence.

All applications, including therein any on which action may have been deferred because in excess of the aforesaid 10 per cent.

There is also very much repetition—the same matter in new dress, is reintroduced for sake of additional comments or applications.

The applications from the provincial towns and rural districts came too late.

This was long considered a proper test but it broke down after many applications.

One of the most successful of the recent applications of the gyroscope is in its connection with the marine compass.

The applications of wire ropes are very numerous, an important one being for winding and hauling purposes in mines.

But there is the widest possible difference, both in principle and in practicable applications, between the two proposals.

For obstinate cases ichthyol remains the most effective of the local applications.