Applying [verb]

Definition of Applying:

put into use

Synonyms of Applying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Applying:

Sentence/Example of Applying:

They should also consider more flexible criteria that different countries can meet and be able to apply for funding.

She had applied for, but did not get, the hockey video coach job.

Pfizer and Germany's BioNTech announced that they will apply on Friday for an FDA emergency use authorization for their coronavirus vaccine.

Over 90,000 students applied to take the shots before Sinopharm pulled down the portal days after putting it up.

That’s unless the committee chooses to make it clear right now that, yet again, non-Power Five schools need not apply for a spot in the four-team playoff.

Their letter calls for the women to receive necessary certifications for a chance to apply for U-visas, which allow undocumented immigrants who have assisted law enforcement to apply to stay in the country legally.

The government says the prescription requirement in the law does not apply to lethal-injection drugs and the absence of a prescription does not create the type of harm that merits an injunction blocking the executions.

“You’re applying content moderation policies in seemingly a way that’s not objective,” Sasse said.

This very simple rule applies regardless of the tracking technology used.

This sort of regulation should warrant the same outcry when applied to housing as any other market.