Appointees [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Appointees:

The captain relieved him and Camden, and both of them went below, the new appointee taking the stateroom of the second lieutenant.

The appointee is usually a member nominated by the local members.

Frazier's appointee, however, was a lieutenant from a distant station.

Collector Grinnell, Grant's first appointee to that position, found it in force when he came into office.

Oftentimes he holds no elective office, but may be an appointee of the government or State.

It was once represented to him that a recent appointee to an important 477 office had been bitterly opposed to him politically.

To this end he went to a village where lived a member of Congress, who, he thought, might make him his appointee.

The rights of the royal Davidic family were unrecognized; and the ruler of the Jews was an appointee of Rome.

He was a civil appointee and knew very little about drill or military matters in general, but was trying to learn.

The brick house of the King's appointee was on the High Street—the most imposing building in the town, excepting the two churches.