Appointive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Appointive:

With one necessary exception all offices are appointive and the tenure of all except that is the same.

Incumbents holding appointive offices were in a state of dread.

He declared with great feeling that he would never accept another appointive civil office.

In practice they were largely self-appointive and were responsible for filling most local offices.

This was one of the most important appointive offices in the State Administration.

The position made him head of police force with appointive powers.

This would have had the effect of making their officials appointive.

Even the men in the appointive offices did not venture to say he had much force.

Never was appointive officer so oblivious of facts in his reports to his superior, as was Carrington.

Thus for the second time these two highest appointive offices of the National Government were held simultaneously by the same man.