Appositenesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Appositenesses:

The old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” was proving its appositeness in her case.

The present hand-book of Dderlein is remarkable for the brevity, distinctness, perspicuity, and appositeness of its definitions.

The appositeness of this illustration will be evident when it is applied to the subject under consideration.

"Benedicamus Dominum," he commented, though I could not grasp the appositeness of the comment.

There is a certain appositeness in the words I have just uttered that probably may correspond to my position.

The position of the paper in Society was won by appositeness of political criticism, and the delicate edge of its satire.

I presume the story has some connection in your mind with the subject in hand, but I am unable to see the appositeness?

"Per silentia amica lunoe," added Ducat, whose quotations were not always conspicuous for their appositeness.

Various sketches appear on the walls, the subjects being selected with a view to their trade appositeness.

Grief grinned to himself at the appositeness of it as "Lead, Kindly Light," floated out over the dark water.