Appositions [noun]

Definition of Appositions:

convergence, intersection

Synonyms of Appositions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appositions:

Sentence/Example of Appositions:

"The Alfar's Lament" is the early dawn, and is in apposition to "early morn," in the following line.

Moreover, the difference is not absolute; there are intermediary stages between apposition and intussusception.

The raw areas are brought into apposition with fine sutures.

He is thrown into too humbling an apposition with the author of Hamlet.

In apposition with some other nominative word, adding to the meaning of that word: "The reaper Death with his sickle keen."

The writers of Gaelic seem to have carefully avoided bringing into apposition two vowels which belong to different syllables.

When joined together, the h- of the -hood is put in immediate apposition with the s of the monks-.

No matter how many nouns there may be, as long as it can be shown that they are in apposition, the verb is in the singular number.

Hence the obvious device of putting in apposition things of which it was desired to ascertain the relative magnitudes.

By rotating the pistons these openings can be placed in apposition or not at will, thus forming valves.