Appraisals [noun]

Definition of Appraisals:

judgment, estimation

Synonyms of Appraisals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appraisals:


Sentence/Example of Appraisals:

One email that NBC 7 published even suggested that officials had intentionally inflated an appraisal to get it closer to the sales price.

The customer provides the lender all the information for income and asset verification and also marshals the services the lender requires, from securing an appraisal to getting a mortgage as well as flood and title insurance.

The most generous appraisal one can lend a stock split is reading it as a vote of confidence by a company’s board that they believe in the underlying health and future growth prospects of the company.

The report released this week made clear, and confirmed other reporting, that the city’s real estate assets department did not do any thorough inspection or appraisal of the building.

The shuttered indoor skydiving center that the city last year converted into a homeless service hub will soon get an independent appraisal at a federal housing agency’s request.

Objectionable publications, films, broadcasting, and television have been the subject of expert appraisal in many countries.

With the more abundant material now available, such an appraisal would be worth-while.

Rather than expressing any resentment of his appraisal, it suggested that her resistance to his demands would be merely formal.

The cost of logging under the methods of marking adopted is compensated fully in the stumpage appraisal.

His eyes swept me from head to foot, with an instinctive glance of appraisal, as he shook hands.