Appraises [verb]

Definition of Appraises:

judge, estimate

Synonyms of Appraises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appraises:

Sentence/Example of Appraises:

May laughed appreciatively and said: Which goes to show how much Liza appraises Johns ability to wash dishes.

An assembly is formed within our breast which discusses and appraises proposed and performed acts.

In buying an article which will serve him in several ways, a man appraises all the unlike services that the article will render.

He saw himself in the way of becoming competent—as the North, which is a keen judge, appraises competence.

Friedrich Engels appraises the Russian situation differently.

Aylmer looked at it as one looks at, and appraises, a picture.

He was not in the least the kind of young man who appraises passing women, very far from a starer.

I drew out by the roadside to look at it, as a man appraises one with whom he must live--as a friend or an enemy.

With binocular vision the balls appear at different distances, but judgment appraises them as of approximately equal size.