Appraising [verb]

Definition of Appraising:

judge, estimate

Synonyms of Appraising:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appraising:

Sentence/Example of Appraising:

But the steady, appraising eyes of Walter Harkness had moved on and on to a rippling stretch of water where land had been before.

I felt rather timid, for I was conscious of the appraising eyes of her cousin.

He was square-jawed, with an appraising eye and a good pair of shoulders.

Barkoo, seeming to ignore the son of his chief, came up to the dead zebra and nudged it with an appraising toe.

He crossed and sat on a corner of Larry's table, one slippered foot dangling, and looked Larry over with an appraising eye.

Her appraising eyes instantly picked Marjories frock as unique.

Within she was palpitant with the strain and suspense of it all; but on Barney she held cool, appraising eyes.

My readers may differ in appraising the comparative value of the trifling discoveries which entomology owes to my labours.

For a moment or two Mrs. Haley stood in silence studying and appraising the new man.

Her clothes fell into perfection—she walked slowly and calmly with appraising steps.