Appreciably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Appreciably:

As to Schubert, I think Chopin knew too little of his music to be appreciably influenced by him.

This gives a certain solidity to the net-like fabric and yet does not add appreciably to its weight.

Timber shrinks considerably in the width, but not appreciably in the length.

These substances evaporate rapidly and do not appreciably injure the vestiture of the insects.

A million years ago our earth doubtless contained appreciably more heat than it does at present.

The feeling of tension was thus appreciably lessened, though the sector could at no time be described as a quiet one.

Their season tickets were punched at the stadium entrance before the stadium was appreciably filled.

The leg-defences and sollerets do not differ appreciably from those already noticed.

But higher up every thousand feet of elevation suffices to prolong appreciably the life of the snowy cover.

But no industry was crippled for a moment, and neither the necessities nor the luxuries of life were appreciably curtailed.