Appreciated [verb]

Definition of Appreciated:

be grateful, thankful

Synonyms of Appreciated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appreciated:

Sentence/Example of Appreciated:

One reason we encourage teachers to use insects in their classrooms is that we’ve observed that interacting with insects can help children appreciate nature.

Instead of going to back to Denmark, he stayed here and I really appreciate that.

I appreciate a server who can share a little story about the dishes, as happens here, but my patience wears thin when a waiter asks how I like everything, every course, as also occurs here.

He says that if a township could plant enough trees in gardens, parks and zoos to support free-living colugos, locals could see and learn about the animals and appreciate them.

You hear all these stories of anti-maskers, but I’ve worn this mask in rural areas, and people just recognize it’s protective, and they appreciate that.

Coastal beauty, diversity, and a pace of life geared toward slowing down and appreciating all that life here has to offer.

It makes me appreciate everybody who was there for me when I was going through it.

Barrett has been singing since she was 11 years old, and even though it has been frustrating to be sidelined in a pandemic during a breakout year, she’s trying to appreciate the time at home.

In other words, Ossoff thinks voters are rational, appreciate policy choices and expect politicians to address real-life concerns.

Darcy unearths the layers beneath Elle’s enthusiasm for astrology and appreciates her sense of fun and search for connection.