Appreciates [verb]

Definition of Appreciates:

be grateful, thankful

Synonyms of Appreciates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appreciates:

Sentence/Example of Appreciates:

On one hand, I appreciate the pushback on the $1,000 smartphone price tag, especially in the middle of a pandemic depressed economy.

This 200-gram waterproof shell is small, light, and highly packable, stuffing down into its own pocket—something the most fervent space weenies will appreciate.

Having lived in a van, I appreciate the appeal of downsizing.

Consistency is a hallmark of the kitchen, although novices might appreciate labels on takeout containers, or an idea of what is supposed to go together.

Before we dive into how the researchers did this, let’s first appreciate the results.

So, Janice Jucker has come to appreciate the insurance industry — but she also understands the insurance companies are not fully on her side.

“While Nathan can’t endorse me, I appreciate our partnership,” she said on the mailer, as though they don’t actually dislike each other.

How that translates is creating the type of content that your audience appreciates, values and trusts.

This time, they aimed it at Republicans who may appreciate it.

Now a whole new generation can appreciate their comic genius with Hulu's revival of the show, slated to debut next month.