Appreciative [adjective]

Definition of Appreciative:


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Sentence/Example of Appreciative:

It shows the sender that you care and are appreciative of the gift.

We are most appreciative of CBS Sports and Turner Sports for their collaboration and support of the tournament.

I am very appreciative that she is taking her time to work a second job.

As I reflect on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I’m appreciative of how much all of us around the world have come to know in 2020.

I’m also appreciative that we launched our first online immigration course, Extraordinary Ability Bootcamp.

At the same time he is appreciative and very amusing, and one has no chance to indulge in melancholy with him.

The soul, instinctively appreciative of beauty, will under the most adverse circumstances, evoke congenial visions.

Lee realized the wonderful honor for which he had been selected and was deeply appreciative.

His prediction was verified after all, and never did I have a more intelligent and appreciative audience.

His voice and manners were pleasing, and his estimate of himself was sufficiently modest to make him an appreciative listener.