Appreciatively [adverb]

Definition of Appreciatively:


Opposite/Antonyms of Appreciatively:


Sentence/Example of Appreciatively:

Despite her obstacles, the actress is appreciative of her ability to advocate for greater diversity going forward.

I was appreciative of the preservation of his presence, but once again, the memory of Alberta was mostly absent.

I’m appreciative of all of our clients from around the world who we’ve been able to successfully support.

We use the process of appreciative inquiry to go out and engage with communities.

The little man licked his lips appreciatively and returned to the doorway below the premises of Kazmah.

John Dory pulled at his cigar appreciatively, sniffed its flavour for a moment, and then leaned forward in his chair.

From time to time he bites appreciatively on a ham sandwich as he looks about him, apparently viewing the room for the first time.

They talked of Werther and his sorrows; the Emperor appreciatively, and with a knowledge of detail.

When the tray was ejected, he sipped his drink appreciatively and looked across the rim of the glass at the other man.

Kit grinned at him appreciatively, but was too busy getting water to ask questions.