Apprehensible [adjective]

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He was beyond that state in which any difference was apprehensible between one thing and another.

Many of the exhibitors showed great skill in making their methods apprehensible to the stranger.

Do we ever apprehend objects by the light of God without apprehending the light which renders them apprehensible?

After all, a synthesis is what you want: it is the case you have to judge brought to an apprehensible issue for you.

Phenomena are immediately apprehensible; the cause is not so.

Indeed in some cases the sense of the passage is not apprehensible.

Inapprehensible, in-ap-pre-hen′si-bl, adj. not apprehensible or intelligible.

Any time consists of parts which are themselves times, and is apprehensible only as following upon preceding times.

Or (we may proceed) do you hold that a past object is cognitively apprehensible, as begetting cognition?

Discoverable only by reason, natural laws are immutable and universal, apprehensible by all men.