Apprehensively [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Apprehensively:

In it, a gentle, apprehensive alien secretly arrives on Earth, where he passes for human and assumes the name Thomas Jerome Newton.

I was apprehensive about my prognosis, my treatment plan, and my ability to live a normal life.

"You have offended Carry," said Emma, apprehensively, as the former walked towards the other room.

When Ormsby came in, I watched him apprehensively as he read the envelope upon his desk and saw its contents.

The girl's heart waited apprehensively and she heard her father's deep voice.

At last he heard the first stroke of twelve and looked apprehensively towards Dora.

She glanced rather apprehensively as she spoke at the large white house, not two minutes' walk distant across the street.

Martha glanced rather apprehensively toward the door leading into the bedroom but it did not open.

Madame looked gravely and almost apprehensively at her daughter.

"I'm afraid they're in some trouble," replied Will apprehensively.