Apprentice [noun]

Definition of Apprentice:

novice/learner of a trade

Synonyms of Apprentice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apprentice:

Sentence/Example of Apprentice:

Without being overbearing or assertive, Gerace had gently taken us under his wing for our full education, both within science and without, as the master painters did with their apprentices in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The young apprentice was of middle height, very well built, amazingly active, and able to bear the utmost fatigue.

If she lasts a couple of hours, I shall be surprised, said the apothecarys apprentice, intent upon the toothpicks point.

He was an apprentice to a wig and curl maker, when Whitefield attracted his attention, and he became a methodist preacher.

Shortly after this the youngest apprentice went below, and found the ill-used lad standing on a locker, and gibbering fearfully.

An apprentice who is qualifying himself to operate an elevator is an employee within the Minnesota Act.

Wenceslas Steinbock was at first an apprentice and afterwards an employe of the firm.

But, at a word from Perez, the apprentice closed and bolted the doors, so that the soldiers were delayed by battering them in.

The new form of indenture also required the master to allow each apprentice a reasonable holiday in every year.

If an apprentice fell ill, he was the object of truly maternal attention.