Apprenticed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Apprenticed:

They gave him a University education, and afterwards apprenticed him to the law.

They refused to make one who had been lawfully apprenticed to the trade in Shrewsbury free of their company.

Surely she must have been one of the angels fallen from Heaven and apprenticed in Hell!

At last the father yielded, and the son was apprenticed to a painter,--a degradation in the eyes of Mediaeval aristocracy.

To be apprenticed then was to be absolutely indentured; to belong to the master for a term of years.

This very remarkable personage received his birth in Leicester; at which place he was apprenticed to an engraver.

After being apprenticed to a commercial house he learnt farming in Saxony.

When fifteen years old, he was apprenticed to a saddler, where he stayed two years.

It was while thus apprenticed that Gibson attracted the notice of William Roscoe, the historian.

At seventeen he was transferred to the roundhouse; at nineteen he apprenticed himself to the machinist trade.