Apprenticeship [noun]

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Nearly half of Trilogy employees are furthering their skills through a structured apprenticeship program which can result in a certification and more pay every few months.

In marketing materials, the product was presented as a sort of apprenticeship-in-a-box, teaching “correct” engineering principles that competing toys purportedly failed to demonstrate.

Their system shared fundamental similarities with that of the New Orleans Saints, which Burrow understood because his wunderkind offensive coordinator at LSU, Joe Brady, had come from an apprenticeship under Sean Payton.

He forwarded the email to Tom Lemmon, leader of another labor group, the San Diego County Building Trades Council, which, unlike Macedo, supported the apprenticeship requirement.

He also wanted to remove a requirement that certain workers on the project be supervised by graduates from an apprenticeship program.

Accordingly the future Marshal served his apprenticeship to arms under officers who knew their service and loved it.

It was proposed, he said, to place the slave for a limited time in an intermediate state of apprenticeship.

Beyond this there is no suggestion of policy, either for the blind or for the deaf and dumb, except as regards apprenticeship.

The deaf and dumb did not need to be taught to read and write before being eligible for apprenticeship.

Thus she served her apprenticeship in that double-faced policy which was ever the secret motor of her life.